Corporate Empowerment

Staff need to be confident, alert & quick thinking, we develop skills in in all areas, voice, words & body language.

Female Protection & Safety

We provide women with precautionary & preventative strategies for their general safety.

Martial Arts Consultancy Service

EPIC provide consultancy services to clubs, management and small groups to help them be the best they can.



corporate businesses

martial arts clubs

For self-protection, personal development workshops & guidance use EPIC Training Ltd.

Strength Through Confidence!

What We Offer

Corporate Businesses

Staff represent ‘you’ & staff need to be valued. You, the business need the reassurance that your staff know what to do in certain situations without damaging your good name, whilst feeling safe and valued.

Anti Bullying Programme

These skills will empower young people & give them the confidence to cope with the most common fears of youngsters. We teach simple techniques to means of dealing with name calling & intimidation plus skills showing how to escape & defend against physical attacks.

Individuals & Groups

Members are everyday people with wants & needs!  We all need to feel safe & secure in the knowledge that we can handle the unexpected. We focus on how people feel after working with us, reducing fear and increasing confidence.

Martial Arts Consultancy

For small groups and clubs we can provide advice to increase club size, certifications and specific workshops to suit your needs. If you run a club or group we can help you grow that business through a tried and tested model. Get in touch today for a free consultaion.

Female Protection & Safety

The programme teaches one to anticipate & avoid criminal acts such assault, sexual attacks & kidnapping; also providing self-preservation techniques that can be practiced & sharpened continuously for a lifetime.

Street Smart Programme

Being aware of the threats on todays streets builds confidence and helps people of all ages avoid conflict or harm. We help people to recognise things that would normally go unnoticed and that awareness in hugley empowering. This can be provided for groups of individuals.

What is the Street Smart Programme?

4 easy steps to gain Strength Through Confidence


How to recognise and avoid dangerous situations


Learn how to handle and difuse difficult situations


How to defend yourself if the unimaginable happens.


Feel the confidence because YOU are strong!