Individuals & Groups

EPIC Training offer sessions designed to suit:


Overcome life’s challenges with a personal bespoke programme to suit your individual requirements, at home or a studio training facility.


We work with all types of groups, clubs social groups or families tailoring the session or course to your specific needs.

Associations & Groups

Members of any organisation or group are everyday people with their own set of wants & needs! Everyone needs to feel safe & secure in the knowledge that they can handle the unexpected.

EPIC Training Ltd will provide your members with a life altering experience tailored to suit your association’s needs.

“Mr Turner guides & motivates staff & members alike to achieve their goals. He always instils confidence in people.”
Dr Ganapathy Dhanasekar, NHS

What about the delegates?

We work with people who can be:

  • Suffering with low self-esteem
  • Are easily intimidated
  • Are being bullied in the workplace or in education
  • Are worried about violence in todays society

EPIC Training Ltd gives you the courage to take control! Unique programmes to deal with life’s challenges.

Programmes can include:

  • Positive attitude development
  • Awareness & prevention skills
  • Fear control
  • Hazardous situation recognition
  • Self-preservation skills
  • Self-esteem enhancement
  • Role play activity
  • Work, travel & home safety