Anti Bullying

anti bullying classes

What we do

  • Bespoke workshops for educational establishments
  • Personal one on one tuition
  • Specialised presentations/talks – gender/age relevant
  • Development of confidence & empowerment
  • Precautionary procedures substantiated with information brochure
  • Workshops, talks, sessions starting from one hour upwards

How we do it

Empowering pupils & staff members is massively important, we will provide training covering:

  • Awareness & prevention skills
  • Definition & actions of aggressive, intimidating & violent people
  • The importance of self-respect & confidence
  • Coping mechanisms for threatening environments & bullies
  • Safety advice at school, college, work, home & during travel
  • Decision making in a crisis
  • Role play – class involvement
  • Self-preservation strategies including releases & escaping techniques
  • Legal issues

Anti Bullying DVD

Having worked with the Anti Bullying Organisation & receiving the backing & endorsement of the former head of the North Lincolnshire branch, John Turner created a long awaited DVD for those suffering from bullying.

Suitable for Junior & Senior school pupils, parents & guardians as well as schools & educational institutes John, a highly respected Martial Arts instructor who has trained since 1973, produced this DVD featuring typical situations young people face in their lives.

Whether it be in the classroom, school corridors, external or other places, this DVD will show you ways & means of dealing with name calling, intimidation & skills showing how to escape & defend against physical attacks.


“John Turner has produced a much needed DVD to help safeguard children & young people form bullying. These skills will empower young people & give them the confidence to cope with the most common fears of youngsters. Reducing bullying incidents & the fear of bullying is a priority at both National & local Government level. Bullying harms children’s life chances & this DVD will support anti bullying work in schools, children’s establishments, therapeutic settings or the home.”

Chris Stansfield, Former Head Consultant of North Lincs Anti Bullying Organisation

Get in touch today at to order your copy of the DVD for just – £19.99 + £4.00 P&P